Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trying Something New

If you paid attention to my previous post, you would have noticed me saying (or writing) that there are actually 74 pictures and I only uploaded 7 of them.

Actually, folks at T-araChina have a tradition of zipping large number of pictures and sharing the zip files. I shall help spread the love by sharing the zip files here, giving credits where they are due (and hopefully the original uploaders don't mind)

So here you go, yesterday's collection of T-ara's Jewellery Box Photo Album Scans by Cyclone.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Picture Time [semi-exclusive]

Remember the Jewellery Box photo album?

A kind soul over at T-araChina has shared scans of the actual album.
(thus the semi-exclusiveness, at least until someone else scans his or her copy)

Heard the Good News?

We Got Married is showing again!

For those who are impatient and just want to watch without subs first, here's the link

I shall be watching and trying my best to understand what they're saying.
Hopefully T-ara appear in the show again soon. (just in case there's another cancellation)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dailymotion Up and Running

(As what the title says) This deserves it's own post...
TimeToT-ara at Dailymotion

my tired face after doing up the dailymotion account

Spent quite some time finding the old files, re-encoding some of them and uploading them to DailyMotion.
(if I missed anything out, please let me know)

While YouTube will still be the first place I'll upload my future videos to, I'll put a copy on this DailyMotion as soon as I'm done with uploading to YouTube.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

T-ara on the Field

Following recent craze...

Here's some pictures of T-ara cheering South Korean team on for the World Cup 2014 qualifiers (or whatever that is, I'm not a soccer/ football person).

JiYeon: what the hell is HwaYoung doing

Sunday, June 10, 2012

What Does It Mean?

Though I've been listening to T-ara's song for a while now, I realized that I don't really know what the lyrics say. And as such, I've decided to slowly (but surely) find the English translation and get a better understanding of their songs.

So here's the first song I decided to look up:

I decided to check this song out because I really don't get all the "ma boy", "ma boo" and the other "ma" in Kpop.

Now that I've read the translation, I realized that this song is easily one of T-ara's saddest song (granted that I don't know the meaning to many of their songs).

Also, according to a more musically-inclined friend of mine, this song uses the same chord progression as TTL; this means that you should be able to sing TTL to the track of Ma Boo.

And I'm Back Up

So this is what happened...

I had a mini-renovation and the guys disconnected one of the phones, only to reconnect it to the wrong port of the ADSL filter, thus lagging my internet connection.

Here's what I missed:
-HyoMin appeared on Invincible Youth 2!
-and more of my videos got taken down from YouTube (don't worry, I've started uploading them only DailyMotion)

It's been tough fighting with slow Internet speed, and speaking of fighting, I've never seen Qri as unladylike as this:

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Internet Down-ish

I understand that more and more of my videos on YouTube are being taken down, but unfortunately, my modem/ router has been giving me headaches recently - my connection speed is down to a crawl. Will try to fix it and re-upload the videos.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

[eng sub] 110825 Mnet Wide Open Studio

A very helpful friend by the name of Milkyway has help made English Subtitles for the following video.

If any of you are available, why not try a little subbing, it helps improves your language abilities too.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

How Korean Age Works

Quite a number of people has asked me how Koreans calculate their ages, so here's simple explanation/ guide.
I hope I'm right.
here's an exception - she's alway 18

Basically, Koreans calculate their ages the same way Chinese used to do it - you're born as a 1-year-old, and for every new lunar year, you gain +1 bonus to your age.

So a quick way to find out how old your favorite idol (which I hope is T-ara) is to just add 1 to the idol's age after the idol's birthday of the year is over.

Here's an example:

Saturday, June 2, 2012

YouTube Links for You

I've split it into 4 parts and uploaded them to YouTube. Enjoy!

Even if you're not free, go to part 4, 4m35s, listen to it with earphones and/or turn up the volume; listen for around 20s, is the sound in the background BoRam's crying? Or is it just me tired from subbing xD

[eng sub] T-ara on SunHee's A Night like This Radio Show

[edit: I didn't know DailyMotion spam ads, shall upload to YouTube when I'm free]

It's finally out!
Note: the quality of the sub is sort of low as the Chinese subtitles skipped many parts and aren't really coherent. For some parts, I actually listened really hard and google translated the Korean in English. (also, I used DailyMotion, I hope it's not that bad)

On the show, T-ara talked about their past relationships and what they hope the future ones will be like; so here's what to look out for in this 44minutes long radio show:
JiYeon's Ideal Type
Qri Crying?
HyoMin's Interruption
BoRam Crying

Full Show:

[hard eng sub] T-ara on SunHee's A Night like... by TimeToTiara

Here are the exciting bits:

Friday, June 1, 2012


Sorry in advance for the recent onslaught of SoYeon-related post; after all, she is my bias and I have been doing some intense subbing of the radio show.

In short, the radio show is one of the hardest shows I've attempted - it has all members of T-ara talking together, puns in Korean, sub-standard Chinese subtitles, and worst of all, there's no video to look at while subbing! (but the content makes the subbing worthwhile)

Anyway, here's SoYeon's impromptu harmonizing to YoSeob's singing of GOD's "Lies".

While I'm not a singer, I do sing once in a while, and harmonizing is something I have been trying to do (without any success).