Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[Eng Sub] Weekly Idol (not by me!)

Still subbing the Radio show, believe me, it's worth the wait, so pardon me for just dumping another Subbed Video.

This is subbed by YouTuber stupidgerxp, click through to the channel for the other parts.

Also, if you haven't already realized, there are 2 request pages - one new and the other, old - and only the newer one has Disqus commenting enabled, so please use the newer one if you want your requests to reach my email inbox directly. (The old one will still be around while I go through the requests.)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

While I'm Subbing

Remember the Crown Princess Project that featured artists including iu, beg, apink, missa, girl's day and not forgetting BoRam and SoYeon from T-ara?

Here you go. (if you don't find the show nice, just watch the last part)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Other Recommendations

While I'm definitely a QUEEN'S, I do enjoy songs by other artists too.

In the comments section of almost every snsd YouTube video, you can see a huge fan war being waged. I once saw a commenter, even after claiming that he or she is a sone, being attacked after saying that the performance is "not perfect". I suppose that's one disadvantage of being too popular - you attract really really crazy fans, and it just takes a single one to ruin the image of the whole.

I'm proud to say that us queen's seldom concern ourselves with such wars; we're a peace loving bunch! However, in the event that we are involved in fan wars, it certainly helps for us to know songs beyond T-ara's. (so we can give a balanced argument)

And here's one that I really really like; and it's still T-ara related (if you're a queen's you should know)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Request Away~

Finally, I've decided to make a proper [Request] page; here's a brief reason why:

your expression when someone is willing to provide subs

Every time I get a request, I'll copy the URL/ video title into a notepad, which will be saved in my TimeToT-ara folder (along with everything TimeToT-ara related).


[How to Request]
- Request videos to be subbed by commenting below. (one video/ series per comment)
- If you see a video you want subbed already requested, like the comment for the video instead.

[How I choose what to Sub]
1. popularity, as indicated by likes on comment
2. effort needed, which includes:
    - length of video (more importantly, length of T-ara screen time)
    - type of video (freestyle varieties like Pretty Boys are harder to sub compared to standard talk shows)
    - also, it'll definitely be easier for me if the following resources are provided with the requests:
        - link to the video (HD)
        - link to Chinese subbed version of the video (fyi, I translate from Chinese subs)
3. how much I like the video (you can try swaying my views by providing your views along with the request)

[How I go about Subbing]
<!--to be updated-->


this is a Request page, not Promise page - TimeToT-ara

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wasted Effort...

Spent my day trying to make a HowTo infographic on joining T-ara's Daum Fan Cafe.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Different Voices of SoYeon

Almost all groups have a member designated as the Main Vocal; but while the main vocals in other idol groups are usually in charge of the sustained high notes towards the climax of the song, SoYeon almost never does that.

SoYeon's real forte when it comes to singing is her phenomenal vocal control.
Let's start with the first example:

"SoYeon is more about blending in then standing out; rather then purely standing out" -- TimeToT-ara

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

She's only 14!

T-ara's 9th member is a 14-year-old girl; and if you missed the 8th member, she's 19. And that will bring T-ara's average age down from 22.9 years old to a new young of...

21.5 years (hope my high school math didn't fail me). And honestly, that's no reason for adding new members.

When HwaYoung joined T-ara, many fans were doubtful; and I'm sure she put in a lot of effort to catch up to the rest of the members. She had to learn the dance and singing parts to all previous songs, get use to variety shows and the most difficult of all - also make friends with a group of already extremely bonded friends.

fistfights were common when HwaYoung just joined
Now, imagine all these, but more: T-ara is even more popular now, and they are already into Japanese market, capable of speaking basic Japanese. And the new member is only 14.
"kekeke, remember when we ganged up and ostracized you? now's your turn"

That brings me to the topic of how T-ara has one of the widest spread of age among members. From the least young group of BoRam and Qri, to the middle group of EunJung and HyoMin and finally to the youngest of HwaYoung and JiYeon (SoYeon is sort of like the bridge between the first 2 groups).

the often neglected "middle child"

In this 7-ara configuration, the age gap between BoRam and JiYeon (widest gap) is already 7 years and 1 month. Seems like their CEO kks is intending to introduce the fourth generation into T-ara by adding the 14-year-old (BoRam is almost twice her age).

T-ara's unnie line

(this is secretly a mini airport fashion post)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Release Your Kpop Spasms!

Here goes the self-promotion...

I have been into Kpop for quite some time now; and just like every other fan, I watch Dramas and Variety Shows, listen to Albums and Live Performances, and while doing these, I very frequently chance upon stuff that I believe the whole world - or perhaps all those into Kpop - should know.

And share I did. While there are social media like Facebook and Twitter, I don't always want to fill all my friends' feeds with my endless Kpop Spasms. So when I see something share-worthy - from latest news to interesting pictures to rare videos - I post them here.

However, what I post here is really just the tip of my Kpop iceberg, there are just so many other things that I want to share but later consider them too trivial for a blog post. So, with 2 of my fellow fans and friends, I created a portal just for sharing this bits of Kpop Spasms:

No prize for guessing where we got the idea from.

    So here's how the portal work:
Firstly, like mentioned above, when you feel the urge to share something but doesn't want to bother your non-Kpop friends on normal channels, visit KpopTard, click on the "post" button and post away. You can share all the images and YouTube videos knowing fully well that no one will complaining about your spamming. (right now, that's no need for you to get an account to make a post)

Secondly, it's for when you have the Kpop cravings but doesn't know where to go. allkpop may have too many irrelevant stuff while fans on major fans sites may post every little thing about the idols, thinking that all the news are interesting (even if they are not). So when you're just done with a drama or back from a concert, feeling that life has no other meaning, visit KpopTard and see all the BEST rated content.

That's right, there's a rating system: you "like" the posts that you like, and posts with most likes become popular so others can see what you like. That said, this require for KpopTard to have a sizable community first and as of now, KpopTard is just born - or baked, if I may - so please be patient with it,

    join the community,
        contribute by posting,
                and commenting!
(and perhaps giving me your most honest feedback)

On a side note, my friends and I have been using and will continue to use this portal to release our kpop spasms, so even if you have no interest in the portal, do drop by if you want more of my kpop rantings.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Just a Drawing

Here's a really nice (at least to me) fan drawing:

credit: 铅白@T-araChina
Click for mega big version

That's it. I'm feeling lazy today; and tomorrow, there shall be some self-promotion on something that I've been working on with some friends...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bo Ram Day

Finally, after going through each and every other member of T-ara, it's Bo Ram's turn!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Why have you deserted Korea?

Although there's not much big event for T-ara in Korea recently...

T-ara's first Japanese full album - Jewelry Box - is going to be released this coming June, and together with the release, there are many wonderful pictures, and here are three of them:

The official Japanese site is

To be honest, I don't really like T-ara's Japanese style - I just can't shake off the feeling that they are trying to sell sex, by wearing really short and/or tight performance outfits. That said, I do like T-ara wearing tiaras (just like in T-araDotCom).

Also, due to the language barrier, T-ara's appearances on Japanese broadcasts tend to be repetitive and thus boring; most of the time, it'll be some talking, some T-ara demonstrating dance moves/ doing simple challenges and finally performance of 2 songs on average.

(the photos above reminds me of kara)

Rejected Definition of T-ara

Some time ago, on my old blog, there was this post about my trying to define T-ara on Urban Dictionary.

In gist, I realized T-ara is not defined on UD while snsd has lots and lots of definition,

so I wanted to try adding my own:

Unfortunately, here's the reply:
Thanks for your definition of T-ara!
Editors reviewed your entry and have decided to not publish it.
I wonder how all those random definition got onto Urban Dictionary when my definition is so accurate.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Stuff Taken Down by YouTube

Unfortunately, part 6 of episode 10 Pretty Boys has also been taken down by YouTube.
While I look into possible solutions - since Facebook has an irritating video size limit - do enjoy the following SoYeon videos I found while looking for the missing Inkigayo Special Song by T-ara.

Inkigayo Special Songs

I just realized that on most episodes of Inkigayo, there'll be a PSA song, and after digging around, here are some T-ara ones.

Korean Beef

If you paying attention to what they are doing, you'll realize that there's actually some plot to the Music Video.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Crying EunJung Part II [Dream High]

Most unfortunately, in yesterday's post, I totally forgot about Dream High, in which EunJung played Yoon BaekHee - a loyal friend who was turned to the Dark Side.

I shall be completing yesterday's post on EunJung by filling up most of EunJung's crying scenes in Dream High. But before that, let's watch something happy - here's one of my favorite scenes in Dream High.

Alright, with that over and done with, now that everyone is feeling inspired and fuzzily warm inside, it's time for some EunJung's tears.
[Spoiler Alert!]

Friday, May 11, 2012

Can't get enough of EunJung's Crying?

The latest EunJung version of "I Know" reminded me of some other crying scenes by EunJung. So, below are some scenes of EunJung crying -- both while acting and in real life.

(fret not, I've set the start time to just before the crying, and in some cases, I have provided the reasons too)


Filming for Zia's "The way I am" on We Got Married:

EunJung witness her groom-to-be being hit by a car while returning from the florist with a bouquet in his hands.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pleasantly Surprised, Slightly Disappointed

If you're just here for the links...
[hard eng sub] YangPa, Lee BoRam, SoYeon - I Know (Oh In Hye Ver.)
[hard eng sub] YangPa, Lee BoRam, SoYeon - I Know (EunJung Ver.)
[soft eng sub] YangPa, Lee BoRam, SoYeon - I Know (EunJung Ver.)

Do note that EunJung's lines in the different versions are different, so if you have the time, I would strongly recommend watching both. Also, for the soft sub, only the part when EunJung is speaking is subbed.
By the way, my favorite version is the EunJung one.

Moving on, my take on the song; if you're interested, do follow along.

[Eng Sub] I Know

I'm on a subbing spree!
Here's YangPa's new song - I Know(알아요) featuring SoYeon(T-ara) and Lee BoRam(SeeYa)

So far, I'm only done with EunJung's part; will continue with the lyrics soon.

Monday, May 7, 2012

[hard eng sub] 090729 Radio Star (T-ara Debut)

Tried uploading onto YouTube, but once again, YouTube decided to block the video. In the end, I had to break the videos into smaller parts (Facebook has a 100mb per video limit).

Here you go:

Sunday, May 6, 2012

So Yeon Day

Subbing <Radio Star> is proving to be quite big of a challenge as the Chinese subbed source I have is less than ideal: the captions are subbed inline with normal conversation with any differentiation and I only realized that halfway through.

So, some So Yeon to clear the stress first.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Dawn of T-ara

Subbing the first few minutes of Radio Star reminded me of this video:

Back when they were still rookies,
BoRam is supposed to be the awkward and shy one
EunJung the mother
JiYeon is the smiling angel
SoYeon is the cheerful prankster
Qri is cutie pretty
and HyoMin is mood-maker

Right now, it's definitely a different story
BoRam is more of the mother (or just the little big sister that she is)
EunJung is... (I didn't get to see much of her on Pretty Boys)
JiYeon has become the face of the group
SoYeon is still the prankster and gossip monger, especially when she's with BoRam
Qri would be the smiling angel
HyoMin is still the mood-maker, but the mood she creates is usually an awkward one (with her "great" sense of humor)
not forgetting HwaYoung, who appears more maknae than the actual maknae (JiYeon) and the bogus maknae (BoRam)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

[New Project] T-ara's Debut Show

I'll be subbing this:

This video will be my raw source; if you know of a higher res version, do tell me.
If it's already subbed, tell me too.

And by the way, I'm trying out a new comments system - Disqus; it's importing the old comments right now. Hopefully it solves the problem of me not getting notified properly and accurately when there are new comments.

For the Lazy Ones

If you're too lazy to browse through the Korean Wild Roses site, here's some (of my favorite) pictures from there.

Not forgetting the 2 official Wallpapers (1024 and 1280)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May's Wallpaper

Yet another new wallpaper; but I wasn't able to find a nice high resolution one, so this shall do.
I've also uploaded the previous T-ara Wallpapers.

Below are some other pictures I considered.