Wednesday, May 23, 2012

She's only 14!

T-ara's 9th member is a 14-year-old girl; and if you missed the 8th member, she's 19. And that will bring T-ara's average age down from 22.9 years old to a new young of...

21.5 years (hope my high school math didn't fail me). And honestly, that's no reason for adding new members.

When HwaYoung joined T-ara, many fans were doubtful; and I'm sure she put in a lot of effort to catch up to the rest of the members. She had to learn the dance and singing parts to all previous songs, get use to variety shows and the most difficult of all - also make friends with a group of already extremely bonded friends.

fistfights were common when HwaYoung just joined
Now, imagine all these, but more: T-ara is even more popular now, and they are already into Japanese market, capable of speaking basic Japanese. And the new member is only 14.
"kekeke, remember when we ganged up and ostracized you? now's your turn"

That brings me to the topic of how T-ara has one of the widest spread of age among members. From the least young group of BoRam and Qri, to the middle group of EunJung and HyoMin and finally to the youngest of HwaYoung and JiYeon (SoYeon is sort of like the bridge between the first 2 groups).

the often neglected "middle child"

In this 7-ara configuration, the age gap between BoRam and JiYeon (widest gap) is already 7 years and 1 month. Seems like their CEO kks is intending to introduce the fourth generation into T-ara by adding the 14-year-old (BoRam is almost twice her age).

T-ara's unnie line

(this is secretly a mini airport fashion post)


  1. actually.. 27 is boram's korean age and 14 is the new kid's korean age. if you don't use the korean age system, then Boram is 26 and the kid is 13. So boram and Qri are literally twice her age