Monday, May 28, 2012

Other Recommendations

While I'm definitely a QUEEN'S, I do enjoy songs by other artists too.

In the comments section of almost every snsd YouTube video, you can see a huge fan war being waged. I once saw a commenter, even after claiming that he or she is a sone, being attacked after saying that the performance is "not perfect". I suppose that's one disadvantage of being too popular - you attract really really crazy fans, and it just takes a single one to ruin the image of the whole.

I'm proud to say that us queen's seldom concern ourselves with such wars; we're a peace loving bunch! However, in the event that we are involved in fan wars, it certainly helps for us to know songs beyond T-ara's. (so we can give a balanced argument)

And here's one that I really really like; and it's still T-ara related (if you're a queen's you should know)

I've been listening to quite a lot of 4Minute recently and I realized that most of their songs' lyrics tend towards being sad and pessimistic, all but this, which is extremely motivating.

Here's some info about 4Minute (just in case you need to prove that you know about other groups but T-ara is still your first choice)

JiHyun: Leader
GaYoon: Nano ankle (really small feet, ankle and hands)
JiYoon: Aegyo-in-Charge
HyunAh: Complain Queen
SoHyun: Maknae (1994, younger than JiYeon)

Hope you liked my recommendation! (even though it's not by T-ara)


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