Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pleasantly Surprised, Slightly Disappointed

If you're just here for the links...
[hard eng sub] YangPa, Lee BoRam, SoYeon - I Know (Oh In Hye Ver.)
[hard eng sub] YangPa, Lee BoRam, SoYeon - I Know (EunJung Ver.)
[soft eng sub] YangPa, Lee BoRam, SoYeon - I Know (EunJung Ver.)

Do note that EunJung's lines in the different versions are different, so if you have the time, I would strongly recommend watching both. Also, for the soft sub, only the part when EunJung is speaking is subbed.
By the way, my favorite version is the EunJung one.

Moving on, my take on the song; if you're interested, do follow along.
Pleasantly Surprised

All I knew about this song was that SoYeon will be singing in it; and when I saw EunJung's great acting in the MV, I was really surprised (got 2 T-ara members instead of 1).

The most epic part would be the eye contact at around 5m54s (I have conveniently set the start time to slightly before that)

I've always liked watching crying scenes as they seem to me as the hardest to express compared to angst or happiness; when shouting in an angry scene or laughing in a happy one, the actor is usually still in full control of the emotions, whereas when the actor - or actress in this case - is crying, certain amount real emotions is definitely portrayed.

A YouTube commenter wrote: "i wonder what she was thinking while crying...".
Indeed, perhaps how T-ara is going to have 2 additional members to share the money they're making? Added to the fact that she lost a huge some of money during their trip.

Slightly Disappointed

All three of them - YangPa, BoRam and SoYeon - are great singers, but because this song is released in YangPa's album, needless to say, she got the best parts. On casual listening, the song sounds great, but when you're listening out for who is the one singing, the song becomes slightly weird.

Here's the parts distribution (source: my ears):
[chorus 0] : YangPa

[verse 1] : BoRam
[pre-chorus 1] : SoYeon
[chorus 1] : YangPa

[verse 2] : BoRam
[pre-chorus 2] : SoYeon
[chorus 2] : YangPa

[chorus 3] : SoYeon for 2 lines, then YangPa
So here's what I don't like about this song: Why let SoYeon build up towards the chorus, only to let someone else reach to vocal climax? Even for chorus 3, SoYeon still sings the "building up" part of the chorus, leaving the epic part for YangPa. And especially for chorus 3, it's weird to split the chorus.

Honestly, all three of them should try singing this song alone.

Maybe EunJung can try too.


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