Friday, May 4, 2012

Dawn of T-ara

Subbing the first few minutes of Radio Star reminded me of this video:

Back when they were still rookies,
BoRam is supposed to be the awkward and shy one
EunJung the mother
JiYeon is the smiling angel
SoYeon is the cheerful prankster
Qri is cutie pretty
and HyoMin is mood-maker

Right now, it's definitely a different story
BoRam is more of the mother (or just the little big sister that she is)
EunJung is... (I didn't get to see much of her on Pretty Boys)
JiYeon has become the face of the group
SoYeon is still the prankster and gossip monger, especially when she's with BoRam
Qri would be the smiling angel
HyoMin is still the mood-maker, but the mood she creates is usually an awkward one (with her "great" sense of humor)
not forgetting HwaYoung, who appears more maknae than the actual maknae (JiYeon) and the bogus maknae (BoRam)


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