Monday, April 30, 2012

You May Have Seen This... But...

Most of you should have seen this by now:

Gave me the "wtf" feel when I first watched it.
Also, I've noticed that the member solo parts received way fewer views compared that the 30 seconds one (22,238 views when I last checked). Do support your favorite members and watch their solo parts here.

But, have you visited the official site? Here, follow through to the official site for even more T-ara. (it may take a while to load)
You're welcome!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another Place to get Pictures

As I have previously shared, there are many great places to Find Pictures of T-ara.

Here's another source, and what's great about this? It's an official source, pictures of performance on Mnet Countdown by Mnet. Here,

By the way, if you have a facebook account, there's a screen capture contest going on right now.
<Mcountdown One Asia Tour : Hello Japan> Capture Event

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

CCM Ballads

While Kim Kwang Soo may be weird in his way of managing T-ara, it's hard to deny the fact the CCM has produced many of the best ballads around.

Random Picture of EunJung
An anecdotal one - every time CCM releases a new ballad, listening to it just once will not be enough for me, be it
Davichi's Don't Say Goodbye,
Davichi and T-ara's We Were in Love, or the more recent
Love is All the Same byYangpa, Lee Haeri and Hanna, and many many more,
the first listen will be followed immediately by a second one, and most likely the third.

While we await So Yeon's participation in Yangpa's coming album, below is "Love is All the Same" by Yangpa, Haeri and Hanna

Monday, April 23, 2012

Not 100%, but close

Here's the list I managed to come up with:
I've got 18 out of 22, so that's 81.8%
purple = watched

Made-for-T-ara Shows:
T-ara Hello Baby
T-ara Bubi Bubi
T-ara Dot Com
T-ara World
T-ara Dream Girls
Pretty Boys for T-ara

Members Solos Variety Shows:
We Got Married [EunJung] [HyoMin]
100 Point Out of 100 [SoYeon from episode 8 onwards]
Heroes [JiYeon]
Invincible Youth [HyoMin]

Drama Series:
Dream High 2 [JiYeon]
Queen Insoo [EunJung]
Gye-Baek [HyoMin]
Dream High [EunJung]
Jungle Fish 2 [JiYeon]
My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox [HyoMin]
Coffee House [EunJung]
God of Study [JiYeon]
Hon [JiYeon, BoRam]

Angel of Death comes in Purple Heels [BoRam]
Gisaeng Ryung [HyoMin]
Spy Trader Kim Chul Soo's Recent Condition [Qri, cameo]
White [EunJung]
Death Bell 2 [JiYeon]
Death Bell [EunJung]

Looks like I'm quite near 100% (if I didn't miss out any shows)
How many of these have you watched?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

100% Completion (7-ara)

Since 7-ara is destined to end, it's about time to review how far from the 100% completion I am. (though I have no intention to achieve that)

Let's define what 100% completion means (to me).
<99% Completion>
Watched all:
T-ara Music Videos
Made-for-T-ara Variety Shows
Variety Shows with T-ara members as permanent guests/ participants (not one time appearance)
Drama Series with T-ara members as permanent characters (not cameo)
Movies with T-ara members as main/ semi-main characters
Listened to all:
T-ara official songs
Able to:
Recognize Album by Covers
List all Songs in each Album
Recall their Birth dates

Watched all:
Music Videos with T-ara members
Variety Shows with T-ara as guests
Drama with T-ara cameos
Movies with T-ara members' appearances (eg. the spy show with Qri)
Music Performances
Other Miscellaneous Footage (eg. news, musical)
Listened to all:
Songs T-ara ever sang on screen (eg. Hyo Min singing 2ne1's Fire on 1000 songs challenge)
Able to:

Memorized all the lyrics to all T-ara songs
Looked through all pictures on each member's twitter
Know all the members bio, including height, weight, etc

Did I miss anything?

I shall try to list the variety shows/ dramas/ movies/ guest music videos and tally up my % completion tomorrow.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hyo Min Day

It's Hyo Min day! I couldn't get much variety of photos, since most pictures are of her looking pretty, so here's an animated gif.

T-ara Hyo Min Blonde Why Are You Being Like This

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Other Groups

What other groups do you listen to?

Here's some of mine:
SeeYa (lots and lots of wonderful songs)
Davichi (amazing vocals)
B2ST (catchy songs)
FTisland (I like hong ki's unique voice)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Super Big Hair Accessories

"Small is Cute, Big is Vulgar" - anon

But that's not the case for T-ara's hair accessories.
[So Yeon]


Sorry, there's only 2, I wish I found more.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

T-ara Princess

I've been trying to find Eng Subs for this, and finally...

For the whole show, support the original uploader iTheTimes

Friday, April 13, 2012

Now what? Ji Yeon Day

Now that I'm done with Pretty Boys, I supposed I can fulfill some of the previous requests. But before that, I shall be taking a break. And for no particular reason, today is Ji Yeon day! (Hwa Young day was some time last week)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hard Subs... and more words

Hard subs are up. Click through to enjoy the final episode of Pretty Boys for T-ara with hard coded subtitles.

But if you don't mind reading words by me that aren't subtitles, do read on for what I have to say.

- Don't ever think that translator plays the most important role in a sub group (I did). Other roles are tough as well.

- Timers have to listen for when the person starts speaking, and if you watched the cooking episodes, you'll realized how difficult that can be with all 7 members of T-ara speaking at the same time. (Although it may not be that bad of a thing watching the same parts over and over again to synchronize the timing if you really like T-ara)

- Encoders and uploaders, by virtue of their being in the later stages of production, are expected to be as speedy as can be. While many may think that all encoders and uploaders have to do is to click the "encode" or "upload" buttons and wait for their mega powerful computer or breakneck lightning speed broadband to do the work, that is simply not true. Programs tend to crash and internet intermittent, and once any of these happens, a full re-encode or re-upload is needed. Consequently, while encoding and uploading, a periodic check is needed; And until the job is done, no one can feel safe.

The End

Finally, the last episode is subbed too (soft is done, hard is still being encoded).

But before you enjoy the subs, here's some words from T-ARACHINA at the end of their last video. Do read through it for without them, there won't be this English subs.
still thinking of when we just started on this production journey of Pretty Boys for T-ara
but time flies
and it's time for us to bid Pretty Boys farewell

unknowingly, in these 4 months that we've been with Pretty Boys
there's too much to express, the words may not be eloquent
a heartfelt thanks go out to those of you reading this
thanks for being with us all this while
is it because of your anticipation that we penned those words

thanks go out to all the eager members from the T-ARACHINA sub group
the responsible translator zhu-er, humorous translator serit1989
speedy linlin
overpowering Juan
Fally and dqm912 who are always around unconditionally
BgChen who spent countless sleepless nights encoding
and also everyone from Tai-T-ARA fan group who has been helping out

we've come to the moment we have to wave each other goodbye with a smile
do treasure all the times spent with T-ARA
continue loving... loving fiercely
this file is ending, we'll meet in the next....
Here's the link:
[English Subtitles] Pretty Boys for T-ara

Monday, April 9, 2012

While I'm Subbing...

Enjoy this colorful picture of the 7 member T-ara while I sub the final episode of Pretty Boy for T-ara (most likely the last show by the 7-ara).

The original is available at T-ara's page on CCMent's website, where you can find out about their schedules, profiles, and other stuff.
And below is the grayscale version.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pretty Boy Episode 11 [Final]

The episode numbers from the Korean sites are confusing, but more importantly, this is the last episode.
And even more importantly, read what T-ARACHINA has to say here.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Funny T-ara

Here's Eun Jung on Gag Concert. It's a nice show so do watch the whole segment (not whole show).

The audience were so surprised when Eun Jung entered. (especially the lady's expression at 1m12s)

It's not subbed by me, so remember to thank that original (one-time) subber on the YouTube channel.

Friday, April 6, 2012

if you were too busy to keep up with T-ara news

Here's a summary of all T-ara's recent news on the addition of members.

14th March - Kim Kwang Soo (KKS) announced that T-ara will undergo huge changes with regards to the member. And the purpose is to allow T-ara to continue growing.

16th March - KKS mentioned that T-ara will become a 8 to 9 member group, through addition and/ or replacement of members. This is help reduce complacency of current members.

5th April - During an phone interview with newen, KKS revealed that the 2 new members will be able to share the singing burden of the current main vocalist - So Yeon, and thus allow T-ara to have a wider genre of songs.

6th April - KKS - via a hand written message - asked the fans to be understanding and to show more love and concern to T-ara. Also, he said that compared to those who are trying to catch up, the ones in front must work even harder to maintain their positions. He hopes for T-ara to not be complacent, and to work not just for a Korea's T-ara, but a Asia's T-ara.

The 2 new members will be joining T-ara's activities in July.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hwa Young Day

It has been awhile since I shared about Hwa Young, as there's no interesting news, I shall share some pictures instead (hopefully these pictures are rare and interesting enough so I won't be duplicating resources online).

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pretty Boys Special Episode 4

Not surprisingly, another "special" episode.
(seems like part4 got my account another copyright hit, I'll be uploading future episodes on another YouTube account)

Someone Tell Me Why

Know the song "I'm Really Hurt"? It's in the repackaged album , along with the more popular "I Go Crazy Because of You". Here's the question - why are there 3 different versions for "I'm Really Hurt" when all 3 versions are so similar?

First up, my personal favorite out of the three, part 2:

Why is this my favorite? Because I learnt how to differentiate the members of T-ara using it (on hindsight, it's not a good MV for doing that).

Monday, April 2, 2012

Third Wallpaper

Wow, it's already the third wallpaper, missed the first 2? Here they are:
(left click to enlarge the pictures, then right click and select 'save image' to get the original sizes I have; Eun Jung is the biggest)