Monday, April 23, 2012

Not 100%, but close

Here's the list I managed to come up with:
I've got 18 out of 22, so that's 81.8%
purple = watched

Made-for-T-ara Shows:
T-ara Hello Baby
T-ara Bubi Bubi
T-ara Dot Com
T-ara World
T-ara Dream Girls
Pretty Boys for T-ara

Members Solos Variety Shows:
We Got Married [EunJung] [HyoMin]
100 Point Out of 100 [SoYeon from episode 8 onwards]
Heroes [JiYeon]
Invincible Youth [HyoMin]

Drama Series:
Dream High 2 [JiYeon]
Queen Insoo [EunJung]
Gye-Baek [HyoMin]
Dream High [EunJung]
Jungle Fish 2 [JiYeon]
My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox [HyoMin]
Coffee House [EunJung]
God of Study [JiYeon]
Hon [JiYeon, BoRam]

Angel of Death comes in Purple Heels [BoRam]
Gisaeng Ryung [HyoMin]
Spy Trader Kim Chul Soo's Recent Condition [Qri, cameo]
White [EunJung]
Death Bell 2 [JiYeon]
Death Bell [EunJung]

Looks like I'm quite near 100% (if I didn't miss out any shows)
How many of these have you watched?


  1. Replies
    1. miss ripley -Jiyeon short part

    2. Is it the one where JiYeon played the role of a gangster? Or is that high kick.

    3. no she played to be lesbian watch at youtube..

  2. Hello Miss (2007) was the drama Jiyeon did a cameo where she played a high schooler gangster.. incidentally, she did cameo on another Lee Da Hae drama Miss Ripley (as QRI pointed out) years later.

    Eunjung played the younger sister of Shin Min Ah in the movie The Beauty and the Beast (2005).

    TvN Taxi T-ara guesting is also a fun watch.. too bad Eunjung wasn't there.

  3. Where do u find Heroes full episose with sub? Cause from the site i watched they uploaded halfway and stopped ):

    1. For most of the shows, I watched the Chinese subbed versions.

    2. Facebook maybe, try SHsubs, though they're likely out of order in some way.

  4. Can i ask u for the links or website?? Thanks! :)

    1. Hello! Eng or chinese both will do :) as long as they have full episodes! I thank u so much!!!

  5. Yeah good luck with those historical dramas, there's so much content!

    Looks like I need to play catch-up

  6. i am looking t-ara dream girls with eng sub,
    and heroes too,
    can you give me the link??

    1. For Heroes, try the SuperHeroesSub (you'll need to create an account), alternatively, try googling "Heroes Eng Sub".

      As for Dream Girls... now that I did a search for Eng Subs (I usually watches Chi Sub), I realized that T-ara don't really have many eng subbers (couldn't find), but you can check this out