Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Someone Tell Me Why

Know the song "I'm Really Hurt"? It's in the repackaged album , along with the more popular "I Go Crazy Because of You". Here's the question - why are there 3 different versions for "I'm Really Hurt" when all 3 versions are so similar?

First up, my personal favorite out of the three, part 2:

Why is this my favorite? Because I learnt how to differentiate the members of T-ara using it (on hindsight, it's not a good MV for doing that).

And then there's part 1, the normal version with makeup scene and dancing scene, complete with 2 sets of performing outfits.

This should be the one most are familiar with.

And finally, the part 3:

If you watched all 3, you'll realize that parts 2 and 3 are essentially the same thing:
T-ara singing to their reflections in the mirror; the only difference is that for part 2, the camera films the reflections whereas for part 3, the actual members are filmed.


  1. Yeah, I always hope they didn't really release these as the official versions 2 and 3, because they're both just b-roll used in the main version. And that being the case, one wonders further why they released them at all.
    Either way, love the song and wish I knew about it earlier. It's like, my favorite of theirs.
    Oh, and the angle/idea for ver.3 is pretty cool, but they coulda executed it better, like not obstructing the view of the girl singing, or giving them better/more consistent direction on how to act both when singing/looking at the camera and not.

  2. I think when they make a MV they need to film several scenes with a whole song then they cut and edit in one official MV

  3. I always love the neck-tie pulling choreography in "I'm Really Hurt" and I hate the fact that they didn't put much of the dancing in the MVs..