Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hard Subs... and more words

Hard subs are up. Click through to enjoy the final episode of Pretty Boys for T-ara with hard coded subtitles.

But if you don't mind reading words by me that aren't subtitles, do read on for what I have to say.

- Don't ever think that translator plays the most important role in a sub group (I did). Other roles are tough as well.

- Timers have to listen for when the person starts speaking, and if you watched the cooking episodes, you'll realized how difficult that can be with all 7 members of T-ara speaking at the same time. (Although it may not be that bad of a thing watching the same parts over and over again to synchronize the timing if you really like T-ara)

- Encoders and uploaders, by virtue of their being in the later stages of production, are expected to be as speedy as can be. While many may think that all encoders and uploaders have to do is to click the "encode" or "upload" buttons and wait for their mega powerful computer or breakneck lightning speed broadband to do the work, that is simply not true. Programs tend to crash and internet intermittent, and once any of these happens, a full re-encode or re-upload is needed. Consequently, while encoding and uploading, a periodic check is needed; And until the job is done, no one can feel safe.

unfortunately, part6 didn't pass YouTube's check, so it's on Facebook in 2 separate parts
[hard eng sub] 120407 Pretty Boys for T-ara part6/6 {1st half}
[hard eng sub] 120407 Pretty Boys for T-ara part6/6 {2st half}

Here's the soft subs for Pretty Boys for T-ara


  1. you have soft subs for all episode of Pretty Boys??

    1. Here you go: My MediaFire Folder
      You may have to do some digging around though.

  2. thank you sooooooooooooooooo much!!

  3. it's a pity that this show has finally came to its end.
    since you're the only one who sub this show, we thank you for your hard work. you brought the the bast subs and we hope to see more t-ara's subs shows from you in the future.

    let's support the girls (and you) from now on no matter what happen.
    again, thank you from malaysia.


  5. Thank alots for the works you have done
    Thump up !!

  6. thank you so much for sharing this videos....gonna miss T-ara shows for real...i'll anticipate for more new exciting shows of T-ara in the future. :D

  7. I really want to thank you for your hard work!! All of you really did a great job to allow us (me personnally) to watch and understand this show. Without you, I would have watched without understanding so many things.
    I hope that we will have the opportunity to see our lovely T-ara in others TV shows and programs.
    Of course we will miss them a lot but unfortunately "good things always have an end".
    When watching this show, I learnt a lot from them and about them too.
    I will keep supporting T-ara event if I don't really understand the changes that is going to happen this summer (I am talking about the add of 2 new members).

    By the way, EunJung is my favorite one (and we both are 88 even if she is a little bit younger than me)

    Thanks you again and see you very soon!

  8. I know is a very big job do all this things because I did in the past similar tasks, so then I want to say to all of you: BIG THANKS FOR YOUR HARD WORK!!!!

  9. hi thanks for the uploads but is there any way to dl part 6 from facebook? i tried dl the soft english subs with srt files but it doesnt work

  10. Thank you so much.. by posting all of the episodes you have brought great joy to us all in these short few months..

  11. Good job with the subs, and thank you. Anyone know more links to more of their shows with subs?