Friday, April 13, 2012

Now what? Ji Yeon Day

Now that I'm done with Pretty Boys, I supposed I can fulfill some of the previous requests. But before that, I shall be taking a break. And for no particular reason, today is Ji Yeon day! (Hwa Young day was some time last week)

More wedding pictures.

Even girl groups members fight sometimes.

For those of you IU, AS fans out there.

Some interview pictures.

As usual, some pre-debut goodness.

And T-ara Dot Com goodness.


  1. our maknae is always "little" as a kid
    I love her childish when she is among her unnies

  2. Ha ha Hyomin looks like a monkey trying to pick fleas out of Jiyeon's head in their pic together.. :D

  3. Haha so cute Rabbit IU, AS, Jiyeon. Subtitles Heroes Ep. 37 full ep or Ep end heroes (ep. 39-40) Please :)