Monday, April 30, 2012

You May Have Seen This... But...

Most of you should have seen this by now:

Gave me the "wtf" feel when I first watched it.
Also, I've noticed that the member solo parts received way fewer views compared that the 30 seconds one (22,238 views when I last checked). Do support your favorite members and watch their solo parts here.

But, have you visited the official site? Here, follow through to the official site for even more T-ara. (it may take a while to load)
You're welcome!


  1. It's more funny to see all T-ara together than invidual :D

  2. aye... not to mention the tune is rather catchy

  3. the only housewife "normal" or "not funny" is Qri, the other girls are really funny, not mention Hyomin (and Hwayoung when see her!)

  4. Forgot to mention, lately I am mainly involved seeing videos old/rare videos of Eunjung or Boram like this

    1. That's indeed some old stuff. (But I still prefer the recent BoRam)

  5. at first, I thought that commercial looks funny but beautifully done. T-ara is really impeccable performers. yeah love it.