Thursday, April 12, 2012

The End

Finally, the last episode is subbed too (soft is done, hard is still being encoded).

But before you enjoy the subs, here's some words from T-ARACHINA at the end of their last video. Do read through it for without them, there won't be this English subs.
still thinking of when we just started on this production journey of Pretty Boys for T-ara
but time flies
and it's time for us to bid Pretty Boys farewell

unknowingly, in these 4 months that we've been with Pretty Boys
there's too much to express, the words may not be eloquent
a heartfelt thanks go out to those of you reading this
thanks for being with us all this while
is it because of your anticipation that we penned those words

thanks go out to all the eager members from the T-ARACHINA sub group
the responsible translator zhu-er, humorous translator serit1989
speedy linlin
overpowering Juan
Fally and dqm912 who are always around unconditionally
BgChen who spent countless sleepless nights encoding
and also everyone from Tai-T-ARA fan group who has been helping out

we've come to the moment we have to wave each other goodbye with a smile
do treasure all the times spent with T-ARA
continue loving... loving fiercely
this file is ending, we'll meet in the next....
Here's the link:
[English Subtitles] Pretty Boys for T-ara


  1. it's kinda sad that the show ends now T.T
    tysm btw, waiting for the hardsub

  2. will you upload srt file for this episode ..???
    i'm already downloaded raw video for this episode ,but just want to save this variety with srt file(subtitle) as my collection for the last variety(maybe) as 7-ara...
    by the way ,thank you for hard working & subbed all episode for this variety ,thanks a lot :)
    sorry for my bad english..

    1. owh ,sorry ,already upload ,thanks again ...

  3. thank you t-arachina and thank you timetot-ara. your hard work is appreciated. :)

  4. Thank you for the subs. I'm glad you finished it.

  5. Thank you t-arachina! Thank you TimeToTiara!!

  6. 4-month sure time flies. thank you for all the hard work timetot-ara. I'll miss the show.

  7. the special episode still dun have sub..can anyone sub it? & where part 6/6 for the last episode?
    T-ara Fighting !

  8. Thanks to you for your hard work and pass my sincere thanks to T-arachina (because I don't know chinese ;P) BIG THANKS TO ALL PEOPLE INVOLVED IN THIS PROJECT!!!!

  9. Big big thank you for the hard work that you put through in giving us the subtitles videos in English. Again, thanks!