Sunday, May 27, 2012


[How to Request]
- Request videos to be subbed by commenting below. (one video/ series per comment)
- If you see a video you want subbed already requested, like the comment for the video instead.

[How I choose what to Sub]
1. popularity, as indicated by likes on comment
2. effort needed, which includes:
    - length of video (more importantly, length of T-ara screen time)
    - type of video (freestyle varieties like Pretty Boys are harder to sub compared to standard talk shows)
    - also, it'll definitely be easier for me if the following resources are provided with the requests:
        - link to the video (HD)
        - link to Chinese subbed version of the video (fyi, I translate from Chinese subs)
3. how much I like the video (you can try swaying my views by providing your views along with the request)

[How I go about Subbing]
<!--to be updated-->


this is a Request page, not Promise page - TimeToT-ara


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