Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Release Your Kpop Spasms!

Here goes the self-promotion...

I have been into Kpop for quite some time now; and just like every other fan, I watch Dramas and Variety Shows, listen to Albums and Live Performances, and while doing these, I very frequently chance upon stuff that I believe the whole world - or perhaps all those into Kpop - should know.

And share I did. While there are social media like Facebook and Twitter, I don't always want to fill all my friends' feeds with my endless Kpop Spasms. So when I see something share-worthy - from latest news to interesting pictures to rare videos - I post them here.

However, what I post here is really just the tip of my Kpop iceberg, there are just so many other things that I want to share but later consider them too trivial for a blog post. So, with 2 of my fellow fans and friends, I created a portal just for sharing this bits of Kpop Spasms:

No prize for guessing where we got the idea from.

    So here's how the portal work:
Firstly, like mentioned above, when you feel the urge to share something but doesn't want to bother your non-Kpop friends on normal channels, visit KpopTard, click on the "post" button and post away. You can share all the images and YouTube videos knowing fully well that no one will complaining about your spamming. (right now, that's no need for you to get an account to make a post)

Secondly, it's for when you have the Kpop cravings but doesn't know where to go. allkpop may have too many irrelevant stuff while fans on major fans sites may post every little thing about the idols, thinking that all the news are interesting (even if they are not). So when you're just done with a drama or back from a concert, feeling that life has no other meaning, visit KpopTard and see all the BEST rated content.

That's right, there's a rating system: you "like" the posts that you like, and posts with most likes become popular so others can see what you like. That said, this require for KpopTard to have a sizable community first and as of now, KpopTard is just born - or baked, if I may - so please be patient with it,

    join the community,
        contribute by posting,
                and commenting!
(and perhaps giving me your most honest feedback)

On a side note, my friends and I have been using and will continue to use this portal to release our kpop spasms, so even if you have no interest in the portal, do drop by if you want more of my kpop rantings.


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