Sunday, May 27, 2012

Request Away~

Finally, I've decided to make a proper [Request] page; here's a brief reason why:

your expression when someone is willing to provide subs

Every time I get a request, I'll copy the URL/ video title into a notepad, which will be saved in my TimeToT-ara folder (along with everything TimeToT-ara related).

If I'm free - or when I'm free - I'll crawl the Internet for Chinese subbed versions of the video. Depending on the situation, I may yet again save the URL in a notepad or download the video right away, saving it into the video folder.

Following this, I'll search Korean web for high resolution of the video requested (Korean torrents tend to last longer). At the same time, I'll watch the Chinese subbed versions and decide if it's worth subbing.

Anyway, it's a very lousy method of choosing what to sub.
Right now, the said folder is filled with random screen captures, notepad files, clips that were supposed to be made into a video collection...

So... I've decided to make a fresh start (sorry for those who have requested, please request again)
Please head to the [Request] page and follow the instructions there and I'll be able to sub the most wanted shows knowing that my time is well spent. (unlike yesterday's infographic)


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