Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[Eng Sub] Weekly Idol (not by me!)

Still subbing the Radio show, believe me, it's worth the wait, so pardon me for just dumping another Subbed Video.

This is subbed by YouTuber stupidgerxp, click through to the channel for the other parts.

Also, if you haven't already realized, there are 2 request pages - one new and the other, old - and only the newer one has Disqus commenting enabled, so please use the newer one if you want your requests to reach my email inbox directly. (The old one will still be around while I go through the requests.)

As a bonus, here's quick thinking HwaYoung:

HwaYoung called out "HyoMin unnie" at 6:38, as if spotting some mistake HyoMin made. The funny thing is, when the MCs asked why she shouted, HwaYoung said it's because HyoMin is very pretty.


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