Thursday, May 3, 2012

For the Lazy Ones

If you're too lazy to browse through the Korean Wild Roses site, here's some (of my favorite) pictures from there.

Not forgetting the 2 official Wallpapers (1024 and 1280)

By the way, if you've clicked through and scrolled all the way down, just to let you know, I have some free time and will most likely be subbing T-ara's debut show on Radio Star. (any objections? or suggestions or shows more important than their debut)


  1. yeah that great news! if you could eng-sub that 't-ara debut show on radio star' I just now watching the raw vid and there's alot words that couldn't understand.
    thanks for all you do timetot-ara. can't wait. \\V//

  2. Yes, please do it. Back then I saw but not understand a single word, if in english I will watch it once again for sure!

  3. YES! please do it :D~ I'm was quite sad to see that show now subbed, despite it being a major milestone in T-ara's timeline, so thanks in advance ^^~