Saturday, May 12, 2012

Crying EunJung Part II [Dream High]

Most unfortunately, in yesterday's post, I totally forgot about Dream High, in which EunJung played Yoon BaekHee - a loyal friend who was turned to the Dark Side.

I shall be completing yesterday's post on EunJung by filling up most of EunJung's crying scenes in Dream High. But before that, let's watch something happy - here's one of my favorite scenes in Dream High.

Alright, with that over and done with, now that everyone is feeling inspired and fuzzily warm inside, it's time for some EunJung's tears.
[Spoiler Alert!]

Let's start with the most memorable cry scene:
EunJung is on the way to file a police report(to protect tackyeon) and Suzy calls...

Next, same video, but when EunJung got to talk to tackyeon...

And next, EunJung, down and out, receives her teacher's offer to give lessons at night so EunJung can avoid the weird looks from her school mates...

Those 3 were the last 3 and best 3 cry scenes involving EunJung; for those who are still not bored, below are more of EunJung crying, in chronological order of the drama. (If you're short on time, just watch the 3rd one, and then regret not watching the last)

EunJung discovers that she had misunderstood Suzy.

EunJung tries to clear the misunderstanding, but it didn't work.

EunJung's mother believes in Suzy's singing ability over EunJung's.

For those who are still around, here's the bonus - IU's 200 days slimming down.

Some of the scenes may seem not-so-epic, but that's because they are out of context. Perhaps I'll find some JiYeon's crying scenes next.


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