Friday, April 6, 2012

if you were too busy to keep up with T-ara news

Here's a summary of all T-ara's recent news on the addition of members.

14th March - Kim Kwang Soo (KKS) announced that T-ara will undergo huge changes with regards to the member. And the purpose is to allow T-ara to continue growing.

16th March - KKS mentioned that T-ara will become a 8 to 9 member group, through addition and/ or replacement of members. This is help reduce complacency of current members.

5th April - During an phone interview with newen, KKS revealed that the 2 new members will be able to share the singing burden of the current main vocalist - So Yeon, and thus allow T-ara to have a wider genre of songs.

6th April - KKS - via a hand written message - asked the fans to be understanding and to show more love and concern to T-ara. Also, he said that compared to those who are trying to catch up, the ones in front must work even harder to maintain their positions. He hopes for T-ara to not be complacent, and to work not just for a Korea's T-ara, but a Asia's T-ara.

The 2 new members will be joining T-ara's activities in July.


  1. We be more understanding!? Why not you put yourselves in our shoes and think, if your idol group is going to have a change in members, are you happy abt it? Will you be able to accept it? KKS, you selfish jerk, perhaps you have never been a fan of a group before aren't you... Not suprising since you are so heartless towards us, fans...

  2. KKS is the biggest dick in Korea. What an asshole.

  3. Sorry KKS, I'm one of those fans who would like to throw a solid 10kg cement brick at you.

  4. " more love and concern to T-ara." Well, aside from the obvious that could be said about this kind of think coming from that guy, it opens up a little bit of debate as to just what (who) T-ara is. The fans, I'm pretty sure, tie it up in the performers themselves, maybe along with their body of work. But from Mr. Kim's words and actions (past and intended), it seems he thinks T-ara is only a thing of his creation, something of his with which he can do as he pleases. And, like, that's not true, least of all because these are people he's dealing with. Even parents will understand that their "creations" (their own children) are ultimately independent human beings and et cetera.
    I mean, it'd be one thing if he were an artist himself, or if bringing in better singers would really be the best move for a group whose biggest hits were Roly Poly and Lovey Dovey, or at least if had he signed off on the group under the premises that he'd have such a free and meddling hand in the group's fortunes, but, like, he's not. So it's, like, unjust treatment of people (and employees), it's a bad music decision, it's bad music industry decision, it's unethical and disingenuous... any other words for "bad" out there?

  5. how do i "love" these comments???? where is the button...