Tuesday, April 24, 2012

CCM Ballads

While Kim Kwang Soo may be weird in his way of managing T-ara, it's hard to deny the fact the CCM has produced many of the best ballads around.

Random Picture of EunJung
An anecdotal one - every time CCM releases a new ballad, listening to it just once will not be enough for me, be it
Davichi's Don't Say Goodbye,
Davichi and T-ara's We Were in Love, or the more recent
Love is All the Same byYangpa, Lee Haeri and Hanna, and many many more,
the first listen will be followed immediately by a second one, and most likely the third.

While we await So Yeon's participation in Yangpa's coming album, below is "Love is All the Same" by Yangpa, Haeri and Hanna

Maybe I'm biased and is siding with CCM, do introduce to me some of your favorite ballads.


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