Sunday, April 22, 2012

100% Completion (7-ara)

Since 7-ara is destined to end, it's about time to review how far from the 100% completion I am. (though I have no intention to achieve that)

Let's define what 100% completion means (to me).
<99% Completion>
Watched all:
T-ara Music Videos
Made-for-T-ara Variety Shows
Variety Shows with T-ara members as permanent guests/ participants (not one time appearance)
Drama Series with T-ara members as permanent characters (not cameo)
Movies with T-ara members as main/ semi-main characters
Listened to all:
T-ara official songs
Able to:
Recognize Album by Covers
List all Songs in each Album
Recall their Birth dates

Watched all:
Music Videos with T-ara members
Variety Shows with T-ara as guests
Drama with T-ara cameos
Movies with T-ara members' appearances (eg. the spy show with Qri)
Music Performances
Other Miscellaneous Footage (eg. news, musical)
Listened to all:
Songs T-ara ever sang on screen (eg. Hyo Min singing 2ne1's Fire on 1000 songs challenge)
Able to:

Memorized all the lyrics to all T-ara songs
Looked through all pictures on each member's twitter
Know all the members bio, including height, weight, etc

Did I miss anything?

I shall try to list the variety shows/ dramas/ movies/ guest music videos and tally up my % completion tomorrow.


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