Sunday, June 3, 2012

How Korean Age Works

Quite a number of people has asked me how Koreans calculate their ages, so here's simple explanation/ guide.
I hope I'm right.
here's an exception - she's alway 18

Basically, Koreans calculate their ages the same way Chinese used to do it - you're born as a 1-year-old, and for every new lunar year, you gain +1 bonus to your age.

So a quick way to find out how old your favorite idol (which I hope is T-ara) is to just add 1 to the idol's age after the idol's birthday of the year is over.

Here's an example:

Step 1. Qri's birthdate is 12th Dec 1986 (right off my fingertips)
Step 2. After her birthday this year, she'll be 26 years old.
Step 3. So add 1 to that and you get her Korean age, which is 27. (as confirmed on the recently subbed radio show)

For those who are more mathematically inclined:

Korean Age = Actual Age on 31st Dec 2399h + 1

Are for those who are not concerned with accuracies:
Korean age = Actual Age + 1 (or 2, depending on if you want your idol to appear younger or older)

(Korean) Age Difference = 93 - 86 = 7
Here's some other interesting age-related stuff:
- Koreans consider themselves "adult" when they are 20 years old (Korean age), and progress into adulthood is normally associated with 3 gifts - rose, perfume and a kiss (for girls).
- Koreans refer to people of same age as them as "friends" while older ones are oppa/ unnie/ sunbae(senior), and those younger are dongsengs/ hoobae(junior)


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