Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Benefit of knowing Hangul

Back in the WordPress days, I demonstrated how to get more of T-ara by searching with English, Korean, Japanese and also Chinese search terms; consider this the second episode (and it's way better than the first).

Here's the unnecessary jump.
I've always depended on other uploaders on YouTube or T-araChina for my raw videos; I don't know who you depend on for the videos, but from now on, you can try to get them by yourself (you do need to know how to torrent):

Title: Pretty Boys for T-ara = 티아라의 꽃미남들
Date format: yymmdd
Episode: Exx

Combing all three, episode 8 of Pretty Boys for T-ara which aired on the 11th of February will be:
티아라의 꽃미남들 120211 E08,
google that, and I shan't explain the rest

Remember that I said the jump is unnecessary? It's is actually sort of necessary, since I'm educating the public how to use torrent, though you could doesn't mean you should, and you shouldn't doesn't mean you won't.

Here's a picture for this textful post.


  1. when I learned to read hangul all my internet life was easier xD I'd like to learn full korean :/

    1. I have been trying to learn the Korean language too, and I think it's easier to learn it with Chinese materials.

    2. I don't know chinese, just english & spanish. I'd like to learn every language in the world... xD