Monday, February 27, 2012

quote: Cutest Creature on Earth

Cute idols look cute when they dancing bubbly in their cutesy songs; whereas the cutest creature on Earth can be cute even in a song titled "Cry Cry".

I've set the start point to 1m12s, so just click the video, watch for ~6s, and you'll see it. Then rewind to make sure what you just saw is true.

If you have not already known, the episode of Pretty Boys that aired on 25th is a special episode, consisting of past video footage that we've seen in previous episodes. As such, the sub group at T-araChina has decided not to sub the episode and thus I won't be able to sub it too.


  1. 25th Feb? You mean Episode 9 or 10?

    1. ep10 won't be subbed, ep09's subs will be out soon, I finally have the time to finish it up. sorry for the delay

  2. XD!!! Soyeon<3.. totally lurve it

  3. I cant remember how many time I replay that part lol...

  4. Fans are very grateful to this little acts from T-ara members, thanks! ;) Also noted in this performance all are singing live (well a little voice-over-the-record but one's can clearly hear her voices) thanks for that! our girls can do it! stay strong! keep going! fighting!

  5. TTT do you have link for the RAW episode 10 ? -Honeymoonbaby

  6. I like the part with Soyeon too! :) I rmb watching this before you shared it here and I just kept on pausing at 1:18... Soyeon is soooooooo cute there XD