Saturday, February 18, 2012

SNSD > T-ara > the rest?

Here's something that I found recently - results of an "ideal-type" voting android app

For those of you who are too lazy to go through the whole list (click for a bigger picture), here's how T-ara members ranked amongst those from other girls groups:

6th - JiYeon
31st - EunJung
38th - SoYeon
39th - HyoMin
54th - BoRam
92nd - Qri
129th - HwaYoung

In short, the android users like T-ara in this order:
JiYeon > EunJung > SoYeon > HyoMin > BoRam > Qri > HwaYoung;
this is definitely not how I like them, which would be closer to something like SoYeon > Qri > ...

One other interesting thing to note from this voting is that T-ara came in second, just after SNSD, for the average score.


  1. mid 2011s till now really was T-ara's time to shine...They've worked their ass off compared to other groups I'll be honest and say that even I came to like them more after Roly Poly came out

  2. Finally their own hard work is paying off, not just the people around them's work, like other groups, but with no letup ever since their debut, each and every members own personal blood, sweat and tears. NOW, it's about time indeed; time to T-ARA!!!

  3. Dasom highest out of Sistar. I didn't see that happening

  4. who's 1 - 4 on the list?

    1. I'm not sure about that; maybe some actresses?

    2. 4 = suzy from missA

  5. Although I love her voice and sassy-ness, at first I never thought Soyeon as the beauty of the group... boy was I crazy.. she's now grown to be so smoking HOT!

  6. Was this long hair Hwayoung or short hair Hwayoung... cuz honestly she just became several times more gorgeous and edgy after cutting her hair..

    1. I prefer HwaYoung's short but non wavy hair. Though I'm not really sure which HwaYoung is this referring to.

      But since this article was only recently shared on T-araChina (and T-araChina is really really up-to-date) I think this refers to the long hair HwaYoung.