Monday, February 20, 2012

Japanese Goodness that you've been missing out on

Ever since their first Japanese showcase last year, T-ara has been appearing on many Japanese variety shows, doing stuff like visiting theme parks, shopping malls and as usual - eating.

And if what I observed from my fellow kpop fans is representative of the general fan population, it would mean that we somehow don't understand Japanese more so than we don't understand Korean, that's why we still watch Korean shows but not Koreans appearing on Japanese shows.

Anyway, here's a clip made by a Japanese fan, detailing all the weird noises BoRam made while on Japanese TV. Enjoy.

The uploader has also made a photo slideshow (with some less-often-seen pictures) of Qri.


  1. it seems Japanese fan mostly like boram

  2. Boram is like a chibi anime character no wonder they love her so much :D

  3. Well, this user have more videos with the other girls not only Boram... anyway, Boran is really cute!