Friday, March 23, 2012

Ghost Play, No Subs, Only Good Pics n Clips

I have been trying to find the subs for T-ara Ghost Play, unfortunately all I can find are pictures. Anyway, there isn't much talking in the show, and I've picked out some interesting parts that you may want to watch.

Davichi's appearance; it's funny how T-ara is visited by Kang Min Kyung (around 19 years old then), who is younger than all but one T-ara member. (or 2 including Hwa Young)

Cutest Creature on Earth:

You can find the other members' close up shot around this clip.

If you watched Hon (Soul), you would recognize the main character in this next clip - she's the real scary one.

Some Pictures. Imagine someone asking you to tell them who is which in T-ara, and you use this set of pictures to help them recognize T-ara. (click for larger pictures)


  1. I remember the show. There's a controversy in this show, i think maybe that's why the fan won't sub it