Monday, March 26, 2012

More Pre-Debut Goodness (Bo Ram Edition)

Another lazy quick share:

Things about Bo Ram that I learned from these photos:
1. she wasn't always so thin (I do recall other members saying how Bo Ram lost 20kg, or maybe pounds)
2. she wasn't born with double eyelids 3. [inferred] she must have been really determined and disciplined to lose that much weight

(note: apparently this photo surfaced on some Korean forum on the 26th, could it be Kim Kwang Su trying something funny?)


  1. Well, the picture with the long black hair doesn't show her fatty, I think only the first one is a little bit chubby cheeks but one needs to see the whole body to be sure.
    I remember seen the famous pre-debut BoA's dance video and she was very thin, also the videos from the solo album before T-ara shows her very thin. I think she was "a little bit overweight" at the very first years of the adolescence... like many many people.. you know: chocolate, snacks, fast foods, things that child's likes a lot ;P
    Today T-ara is also famous for the big hungry of everyone but BoRam is all day thinking in food hahaha I love BoRam!!!