Saturday, March 3, 2012

Is that JiYeon?

According to JiYeon's English Wikipedia page, she appeared in this music video: (if anyone knows where I can get a high quality version of this, please let me know)

I had a look and discovered that Shin Bong Sun was in it too.

Considering how JiYeon appeared in the MV for only a few seconds (less the singing time allocated to Some-Non-Singing-D members of other popular girl groups), I wonder how one even manage to discover that JiYeon is in the MV. I've scanned through the Korean wiki page for JiYeon and there's no mention of this at all; and I don't think a normal T-ara fan would watch such old MVs if not for JiYeon.

Anyway, if you've not click the video, go ahead and click it, I've saved your trouble of watching the whole thing by setting the start time to where JiYeon appear. Other visible times are 1:31, 2:34, 2:48.


  1. jejeje seems that is JiYeon indeed, pretty young, without makeup, a little silly, and yes is running like the little dino she is and often they make jokes about this funny running :).
    btw, WGM is on air again? hopefully we could see it too

    1. WGM is back! If you want the raw, you can always google "우리 결혼했어요 120303". Let's hope it's not another recap episode.

    2. It's not a recap! is a full ep!!! seems very funny, love Eunjung cute actions! I'm waiting for the english translations because I didn't get anything ;) Thanks, cheers.

    3. I forgot to add this: