Thursday, March 8, 2012

More of HyoMin's We Got Married

If both the Chinese and Korean versions of HyoMin's We Got Married are not enough for you, here's more:

Apparently, HyoMin and Fu Xin Bo did more things together than what were shown in the broadcast. So here are the "deleted scenes".

Originally, I thought Fu Xin Bo could have put in way more effort into this show; come on, at least learn how to compliment a girl in Korean. But after watching these clips, I realized he did tried to learn some Korean, but it wasn't shown in the broadcast.

Here's another one:

After watching these, it made so much more sense that they were that sad at the end of the filming. (though I still think they are over expressing their sadness)


  1. are time to t-ara are gonna sub hyominn wgm @___@ ??