Friday, March 2, 2012


I forgot where I heard this from (most probably a movie), but there's a saying about how you can judge a team by the relationships between the members - if the members are really close, it means that they have been through much together, and thus the group must be well-trained.

Here's some pictures showing of the close relationship within T-ara (mostly SoYeon, as she appears to be the most huggy person). I shall apologize in advance for the coming onslaught of SoYeon's pictures.

What better way to show how close T-ara members are than Kissing in public.

And the post-kiss hug.

And some secret-whispering to make everyone else jealous that they are not part of the thing.

I recall seeing more of such photos, but that's all I can find at the moment; maybe I'll create a full collection of such pictures, do share if you have links to any.


  1. its awesome when admin n me hav the same bias...