Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Old Show, New Subs [110403 Bouquet by PJYSubs]

Remember this?
EunJung SoYeon Kissing, T-ara Eun Jung and So Yeon Exploring

I recently found it subbed at PJYSubs. (I strongly recommend bookmarking this site)
Just to spoil the show, the lady is Qri's mother.

However, if you don't have time for such old shows, here's a gist of what the show is about: Together with all 7 members of T-ara, Qri's mother is invited to the show; a panel of celebrities is supposed to guess whose mother she is through a series of questioning.

Things to look out for in the show:
T-ara talking about boyfriends
Eun Jung and So Yeon (almost) kissing
Qri, Eun Jung and Ji Yeon crying


  1. I strongly recommend this show. All of them are so cute, expecially Jiyeon. And... touching also.

  2. Oh! I watched that! Mainly because i wanted to know what was going on when Jiyeon was the only one who had the O and everyone had X~

    Plus, we got an insight on everyone's past ^^