Monday, March 5, 2012

Shinee T-ara

When someone mentions Tony Moly, the image that usually comes to my mind (and most likely everyone else's too) is that of EunJung, and recently, HyoMin too, as she was the star of the mist commercial that appeared in the Pretty Boys episodes.

So here's some pictures of other members for a change.:

HwaYoung does look like the main character in You're Beautiful with this hairstyle.

Usual cutie pretty:

Here's the reason for this post's title: don't you think Qri is too shiny in the following picture, just look at her nose, it's so shiny I almost couldn't see the dot


fyi, I got the pictures from tonymoly's Korean site:


  1. Shinee... hahaha your puns are so subtle ;)

  2. Qri is so shiny in the 2nd picture, that i had to squint @_@;; But i love her first picture ^^

    Soyeon is so pretty :) and Hwayoung's hairstyle does look like the one from You're Beautiful lol