Friday, March 16, 2012

What Will Happen To T-ara?

So here's the news (that you most probably have heard): Core Content Media's CEO Kim Kwang Soo announced that T-ara will undergo a huge change of members, possibly switching out some and adding some, turning T-ara into a 8 or 9-membered group.

Enjoy the old T-ara pictures below:

If you have been a T-ara fan for some time, then you would most likely recall this was how he (the CEO), teased us about the addition of Hwa Young (which is a good thing). So I'm going to assume that something good will happen this time too. Here's what I think may happen:
Debut Leader

Possible Outcome Number 1: [Adding Members]
There are some idle artists within CCM that may be added to T-ara.
For example, Hong Jin Young:

Possible Outcome Number 2: [Sub Grouping]
There's a Chinese saying that goes something like, "one mountain cannot has two tigers". Similarly, T-ara has too many good singers, and sub grouping will definitely allow members other than So Yeon to get more lines and members other than Eun Jung and Ji Yeon to get more exposure and camera time.

But how will the sub grouping be? Personally, I would love to see a unnie line and a dongseng line, that will be quite interesting. The unnie line can try trot songs, while dongseng line can try songs with more lively dance moves.

Possible Outcome Number 3: [Divide and Conquer]
With their promotions spanning Japan and Korea, separating the group into one for each country seems possible too.

Worst Possible Outcome: [Removal of Member(s)]
If this happens, I would like to think it is not because of the idol's complacency that Kim Kwang Soo mentioned but that the member herself has requested to leave T-ara, possibly because of the busy schedule.


  1. Personally i don't want any addition =/ Even though Hwayoung was a good addition, adding one or two more member during this time period when they are at their peak? Isn't that just giving those new members a few ride to popularity? Seriously hating that.

    I rather have the possible outcome of 2 or 3... than see additions or removals.

    Only concern about possible outcome 2/3 is that they won't have much of T-ara group activities T^T I like seeing them all together >.<

    1. T-ara is so much more fun when they are together, with all the crazy things they do, how So Yeon bullies Bo Ram, everyone laughing at Hyo Min's wildest ideas.

      Having the whole of T-ara together is definitely better, compared to their individual shows like 100 Points out of 100, Heroes, Invincible Youth. (though I kind of enjoy Eun Jung on WGM)

  2. When I first heard the news, I thought the worst, but perhaps someone does want to leave and that's really up to them. They have been worked to the bone for way too long now. But a removal based on popularity or wahtever is just BS.

    I personally wouldn't mind the sub-grouping to happen, I also thought this would be a good idea if they broke Eunjung and Hyomin into a rap duo, since they used to have epic rap battles in TTL days.

    1. TTL is still the most played song on my playlist!

  3. Honestly, I do not wish for all the changes you mention above... T-ara is just perfect now and I don't really want to see any changes in them especially the addition and removal of members... If no choice, adding would be more acceptable than removing... As for sub-grouping, I would really perfer seeing them together, breaking them into groups means I won't get to see them together that often anymore... But if there must to be a change, I rather CCM to just break the group down rather than adding or removing any members...

    1. True, I wonder what's the problem with CCM, unlike T-ara, other groups only change members when forced to (like kara, wonder girls, after school).

      CCM should just use their usual style of cross-groups collaborations like "We were in love", etc.

  4. My fear is that since CCM has banned T-ara from acting for a year after July 2012.. Jiyeon will think that is better for her to just act.. but if that what she wants its ok since she probably can survive without T-ara

    But my worst, worst fear is that the weakest members: Qri & Boram will get axed, what will they do after giving their best years to CCM?

    I was also thinking if this is CCM's CEO's revenge after Soyeon and the other members complained about their superhuman schedules to media..

    1. You're right. KKS did mention about T-ara's laziness.. So it must be related to the T-ara's complain that they're too busy with work and only get 2-3 hours to sleep. That CEO guy must be crazy.

    2. Agree with you there. I really don't blame T-ara for complaining, after all, their schedules is really just murderous... I just can't understand why that bustard KKS just cannot understand, it is because of this that T-ara fall sick sometimes, the lack of sleep... Maybe we should force KKS to just work for like 20+ hours a day and let him sleep for only 2-3 hours a day, let him have a taste of his own medicane, really... Love T-ara, but hate that bustard KKS seriously...