Friday, March 23, 2012

SoYeon, Singing with a Crutch

Oh my goodness, I think So Yeon is injured too. I'm not a fan of reporting news, I have to share this; so here's the video of T-ara performing some songs, with So Yeon singing by the side, supported by a crutch.

She still managed to wink and smile.

T-ara speaking

And here's picture from T-araChina for a better view:

But seriously, what's with T-ara's high frequency of injuries.


  1. If they dont work hard, KKS might kick them out if T-ara

  2. It's because of little rest and too much work piled on them. A moment of sleepiness and not being alert due to being too tired also leads to their high frequency of injuries :( plus their CEO sucks :<

    And while watching the fancams, i also noticed how Soyeon still winks and smiles at the camera/audience despite standing there singing on crutches. I wonder why she wasn't sitting on a chair.. >.>